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Contamination of Lake Neusiedl with anthropogenic trace substances: considerations on their origin and behaviour


Pathways, chemical processes and long-term changes of nutrients in Lake Neusiedl


Rare fish species in the reed belt of Lake Neusiedl

The mouth of the river Wulka into the reed belt of Lake Neusiedl is one of the least accessible habitats in eastern Austria – and therefore largely unknown in terms of fish ecology. During an electric fishing campaign at the end of August in the framework of the EU-INTERREG project REBEN an astonishingly rich variety of species could be detected: from typical lake species such as rudd and whute bream on stagnophile specialists such as European weatherfish, crucian carp, tench and European bitterling to running water species such as chub.


Joint Danube Survey 4

The investigation of the Danube River from the source to the mouth is the greatest transboundary river research worldwide and takes place every six years. Like in the previous surveys, the DWS Hydro-Ökologie was part of the team of experts. In July sampling was carried out between Jochenstein and the Hungarian border.


Water plants mowing season 2019 started

The DWS Water Management GmbH specialises in the mowing aquatic plants (macrophytes) and reed as well as the pumping out of soft sediment from the bottom of standing waters. With our weed harvesters we cut and remove macrophytes (creepers, weed, swimming algae or simply aquatic plants) and reed. This is carried out for clearing surfaces for swimmers and boats, for removing nutrients from the water and for landscape maintenance. In April 2019, this year’s mowing season started on the Old Danube. The work will be carried out on behalf of the City of Vienna, MA 45.

Link: http://www.dws-gm.at/


Newsletter No. 1 INTERREG Project REBEN

The newsletter No. 1 of the INTERREG projects REBEN is available!