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Mowing season at the Old Danube

Also this year we are mowing macrophytes at the Old Danube


Influence of the otter on fish stocks in the river Lafnitz

Presentation of the project in Österreichs Fischerei Februar/März 2020


Start of the sampling season 2020…

Running-waters samplings and fishing in the early year requires good equipment against the cold


Expertise transfer Paraguay – Austria

Their Excellencies, Cesar Ariel Oviedo Verdún (Minister of Environment of Paraguay) as well as the Paraguayan Ambassador and former Minister of Environment Dr. Juan Francisco Facetti, were received to exchange experiences in Vienna! The City of Vienna / Wiener Gewässer and DWS Hydro-Ökologie reported on the condition, development and in particular the restoration of the Old Danube. Paraguay’s capital Asunción (1.9 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area) is located directly on the Paraguay River. The framework conditions are therefore comparable. An inspiring and constructive exchange!


DWS Hydro Ökologie on excursion!!!

Decelerated and eco-friendly we went on the DWS company excursion with the Mariazellerbahn to the Gemeindealpe in Mitterbach. On the mountain carts we finally came in the speed rush 🙂

A beautiful autumnal day!


Newsletter No. 2 INTERREG Project REBEN

The newsletter No. 2 of the INTERREG projects REBEN is available!



Schulvormittag Naturparkschule St.Martin an der Raab

Project day nature park school St. Martin an der Raab


Contamination of Lake Neusiedl with anthropogenic trace substances: considerations on their origin and behaviour


Pathways, chemical processes and long-term changes of nutrients in Lake Neusiedl


Rare fish species in the reed belt of Lake Neusiedl

The mouth of the river Wulka into the reed belt of Lake Neusiedl is one of the least accessible habitats in eastern Austria – and therefore largely unknown in terms of fish ecology. During an electric fishing campaign at the end of August in the framework of the EU-INTERREG project REBEN an astonishingly rich variety of species could be detected: from typical lake species such as rudd and whute bream on stagnophile specialists such as European weatherfish, crucian carp, tench and European bitterling to running water species such as chub.