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Layman’s report REBEN

Beside RaabSTAT the Layman’s report is also finished for the Interreg project REBEN!

Link: Layman’s report


Happy easter!

Have a nice springlike weekend and happy easter!


Layman’s report RaabSTAT

The Layman’s report of RaabSTAT is finished!

Link: Layman’s report


Lake Neusiedl – Seewinkel (2021)


MZB-sampling in a completely different way!

Macrozoobenthos sampling in a completely different way… with the excavator! On behalf of via donau, we carried out examinations in the Danube last Tuesday, that deviated completely from the usual MZB sampling design. Take a look 🙂


Action “healing-salt for dying pans”

The manual application of five tons of different salt-types with participation of DWS has attracted a lot of media interest. To read and see more:







Press conference “healing-salt for dying pans”

On Thursday, Feb 25th a press conference “healing-salt for dying pans” takes place at the Moschado Lake at Apetlon. The salt application is being carried out as a restoration attempt for the severely impaired soda pan as part of the EU project “Restoration of six soda pans in the municipality of Apetlon”.

more infos


Start of the sampling season 2021…

Highly motivated we already started the first river investigations!


Final event RaabSTAT

Following the Raab Survey 2008/09 a new  investigation of the river Raab was carried out in 2019, ranging from the upper reaches in Styria to the lower course in Hungary. The work was part of the bilateral INTERREG AT-HU project RaabSTAT. The project aim was to assess the ecological and chemical status. Yesterday all results were summarized in a final event and a successful project completion took place!

More information: www.interreg-athu.eu/raabstat/


Focus on fish and otters in the river Lafnitz

How do many otters and few fish fit together? How does the presence of otters affect the individual fish species? These questions need to be answered within the research project Influence of the otter on fish stocks in the river Lafnitz.

A very current article can be found on pages 34-35 in natur & land / Heft 4-2020